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Anna And Norma's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Anna And Norma
Birth Date:
April 12, 1984
Land of passion
Last Broadcast:
June 09, 03:45 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Anna And Norma are actually a hot couple who are really into the whole BDSM thing. The dominant is named Anna and is lesbian, blonde, pretty, slim and has a set of big and natural boobs. Norma is the pretty and slim submissive trans who has to stay silent till talked to and gets punished, pounded and teased till she's spraying enough cum to drown half the globe with. Her boobs have puffy nipples and are small, surgically enhanced beauties that rest on her chest like inverted ice cream cones. And since she's so submissive you can lick and suck it when Anna is not around and Norma will probably not tell on you. Norma also has a small-sized but juicy and bouncy ass that's perfect for slapping, spanking and chewing. Both are totally the babe-next-door type and you get to see how mean Anna can be to Norma on cam. As well, there will be body flashes aplenty and enough humiliation to either shrivel your cock or make it spurt and explode.

They are both 33-years old, slim, tattooed, pierced and speak fluent English. They also smoke and drink and have a slim and athletic build. Their role play is maintained at all times and cannot be exchanged. Their hobbies include holding sex orgies, gorging on ice cream and relaxing at the local beach.

Their tip menus are excellent. Thus, a PM is priced at 50 tokens. C2C is 280 tokens for 10 minutes. In Anna's tip menu for 250 tokens she will really punish Norma. 500, 550 and 600 tokens respectively will let you witness a flash of her boobs, ass and cunt. Norma's tip menu on the other hand is more detailed. 99, 149 and 199 tokens respectively translates to a tit, ass and cock flash. 349 tokens will place a butt plug up her ass. And for 499 tokens she will perform a strap-on suck. 599, 699 and 799 tokens respectively is all that's required for Norma to be a good lass and humbly, respectively and attentively lick the feet, cunt and ass of Anna.

Their pages have 4 videos and 7 photo/photo sets. These show both getting very nasty and intimate with each others organs and having fun. Only 2 photos are free to view. The others require different amounts of tokens to access.