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Real Name:
Birth Date:
February 14, 1997
Batmans Attic
Last Broadcast:
November 15, 04:00 (GMT)
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Ashanova is a black-haired pretty and plump MILF who's out to seduce anything with a dick and is ready for most things your cum might have a hankering to see performed. Filled with rolling sweet meat she has a pair of long, full, pendulous and very natural boobs that reach to her knees! Her ass comes big enough to get your cum in very big trouble, yet firm enough to stand up to your spanking and dick-thrusts without blinking. She's the neighbor-next-door type who's into all sorts of kinky stuff and makes a point of buying male and female condoms by the truckload. On cam you can see this shameless woman showing off her chunky body. If you tip her enough she will even put on a instant cum show or send a buttplug rocketing up her big ass.

She speaks fluent English and is currently 30-years old. She does not smoke or drink. But she does come tattooed and pierced. Her bod is definitely chubby, but very curvy and cum-desirable. She's a video game fanatic with the latest gaming rig who will mercilessly thrash your ass were you to challenge her to a game of her choice. She's also a couch potato who when not otherwise engaged in gaming or cum-spurting can be found sacked out on the sofa, watching Netflix and inhaling popcorn and junk food.

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Her page is currently decorated with 18 videos and 11 photo sets. Accessing all these save for 2 photos costs different amounts of tokens. The featured media show her being engaged in varied xxx acts. And generally confirming her bad girl rep.