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Real Name:
Birth Date:
February 07, 1983
Czech Republic
Last Broadcast:
March 21, 11:10 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Slim, pretty and somewhat bookish, Honeydee looks more like she belongs in the public library more than on this site. Except that more than a few libraries in her hometown have had to throw her out and ban her after she was repeatedly discovered sucking the cocks of various library readers and moaning so loudly while doing so like someone set her cunt afire! She comes slim and attractive and is brown-haired. Her ass is small and firm and looks tight enough that a finger might have to struggle to poke through it. Her boobs on the other hand are small all-natural performers than can barely fill the mouth when popped in. She makes up for any shortcomings her body might have with her cunt. With its readiness to accept any dick or xxx toy size and its willingness to cream and spurt at any time of the day or night, it's quite the star performer. On cam , you will see this little lady open her legs, finger herself and writhe. More extreme xxx acts need to be first discussed with her. But knowing how nasty she is, her agreeing to that is a foregone conclusion.

She is currently 31-years old and speaks fluent English, Dutch and Czech. She's all slim, doesn't smoke drink or have tattoos or body art. She regularly jogs as a hobby and loves gardening and reading all about her fav celebrities.

Her tip menu is for the moment quite basic. For 20 tokens you get to see and sample her small tits. 25 tokens lets you eyeball either her cunt or ass. And for 100 tokens she guarantees to put on a 3-minutes long show that will turn your hair white.

There are currently no photos or videos on her page. This will hopefully be corrected soon.