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Annika 💋 MTF ts post -op's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Annika 💋 MTF ts post -op
Birth Date:
March 20, 1901
North EU
Last Broadcast:
January 20, 05:30 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Annika is one hot young lady. Scratch that, she's one hot trans lady. And no, she doesn't have a penis, as hers has been surgically removed and replaced with the feminine version. She comes blonde, affectionate, can be quite emotional and is blessed with an excellent medium-sized ass. Her boobs are surgical enhancements, and yet for all that appear eminently soft, jiggly and suckable. Annika is the babe-next-door type who everyone is fond of and loves like their family. Once on cam she squirts, gets mauled in her lady bits by dildos and will strut and show off her sweet bod.

She's based in Finland and is 29-years old. Her body is average but plump and curvy and she speaks fluent English. As well, Annika smokes and drinks on occasion, but is neither tattooed nor pierced. She quite loves adventure and excitement and has more than a passing interest in cooking and yoga.

Her tip menu is certainly a departure from the usual. But in a very cum-worth way. 155 tokens will let you get a zoom flash view of her brand new cunt. Fork over 99 tokens and she will put on high heels and strip like the cum-expert she is. Need her to do something really kinky? Then pay up 199 tokens. 500 tokens grants you access to her squirt password show and 20 tokens will make her stand up and show you why her hot bod is so much in demand. She comes prepared to smoke for 89 tokens and will put her Oscar-worthy ass on display for 69 tokens. PM's are 50 tokens and 300 tokens will see her clit ravaged by a cum-fevered dildo that takes no prisoners.

On her page are a trio of videos and 24 photos/photo sets. Around 10 photos can be accessed for free. The other media require different amounts of tokens to view. The available media date from around a decade ago before she had her surgery to more recent ones. They all show her nude, scantily clad and sexily posing.