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Lauren and Luka's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Lauren and Luka
Birth Date:
June 16, 1996
Last Broadcast:
March 20, 06:40 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Ren and Luka comprise a newly married couple who get off people seeing them go nasty on each other. The girl is called Ren and is otherworldly beautiful, really petite, with long brown hair, a million watt smile, medium-sized 34D boobs, medium-sized and Kardashian clan-worthy ass and a voluptuous body of the sort poets wax really lyrical over. Her partner is Luka and is handsome, a little plump, brown-haired and very affable. Both are charming neighbor-next-door types eager to corrupt and spoil you beyond recognition. In furtherance of that noble aim the girl will expose all of her lady bits on cam and get deepthroated to the limit. As well, either can also get finger-fucked in the ass if that's your scene.

Ren is 5'0 tall, and a Trinidad native. Luka on the other hand is Serbian and towers above her at 6'1. He's also the proud owner of a 7-inch long cut dick that juts forward like a thrusting and weeping spear. They are both 21-years old, smoke and drink and sport a few piercings and tattoos. Fluent English and Serbian are both spoken here and Luka has an average build, while Ren's is plump and voluptuous. Currently, they live in Europe and travel around the world as a hobby.

Awesomely cum-lovely is their tip menu. So, you can PM them for 24 tokens and see their feet for 51 tokens. A flash of any body part by either is set at 151 tokens. For 201 tokens either will also go topless and a boobs/body oiling by either is priced at 251 tokens. A 301 tokens tip gets you a deepthroat by Ren, along with a gag and some tears. And for an ass eating and fingering by either of these horny couple, expect to fork over 351 tokens. Do cough up 401 tokens and see the beautiful Ren take a long dick in her gratefully weeping cunt! Lastly, lifetime access to their Snapchat account is priced at 666 tokens. It also comes with daily updated and cum-fab content.

There's a single photo set and video on their page. The former can be viewed for free, while the later requires 100 tokens to access. The video features Ren getting cunt-fucked and creamed. The photo set on the other hand showcases Ren's hot bod and Luka's mean dick.