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Sara's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
May 24, 1996
Secret place.
Last Broadcast:
August 23, 12:30 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Sara can be very naughty. So, we wouldn't blame you should you feel like lighting up a banger and throwing it into Sara's sweet cunt! The resulting blast and splattered cum might well take weeks to clean up! But that would be a waste of a perfectly good cunt, because she's pretty, sexy and vivacious. She's also black-haired, curvy, plump, friendly and the perfect girl-next-door type who gives up her body to any guy in the mood that asks. Her boobs are medium-sized, totally natural, ultra fuckable and stand up proud and shameless against the evil forces of gravity. In fact, more than a few have prematurely exploded their wad as soon as she sexily unveiled them.Throw in a trim, toned, round and average-sized derriere, and you have the makings of an addictive temptress you will fall hard for. On cam,you will be able to witness her showing off her privates, and then shoving various sex toys so deep into it that neither hide nor hair of them will be seen for weeks! Her shows can be creative and are certainly cum-fabulous.

Sarahbanger is currently 21-years old and a native English speaker. She sports an athletic and curvy body, with little flabbiness in evidence. She smokes, drinks and comes tattooed and pierced as well. She loves traveling and making friends. And as well dreams of going on a suborbital voyage to space and back.

From her tip menu you can easily see that this young lady means serious business. A PM will set you back 50 tokens. 69 and 80 tokens will get you a boob and either a cunt or ass flash respectively. For 70 tokens she will show off her feet. A zoom of her cunt will set you back 123 tokens. To see a buttplug being rammed to the limit up her round ass, pay up 299 tokens. 502 tokens will see a huge dildo carefully shoved so far up her cunt that it will eyeball her ovaries. 555 tokens expands the punishment you can deal out to her wide cunt. For that number of tokens she will ram two separate dildos far into her clit. 600 and 800 tokens will let you control for 3 and 5 minutes respectively just what the lovense xxx toy that she stuck into her body parts will do. A 20-minutes long password show comes with a 1500 tokens price tag. Kik access to her is 300 tokens. Snapchat access on the other hand will set you back 444 tokens. High rollers can splash out 9999 tokens on this foxy princess. For that amount they get her phone number.

She currently has a trio of erotic photos only. Accessing these will cost you varying amounts of tokens.