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Angela's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
May 11, 1994
Last Broadcast:
March 20, 07:00 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

With just a look you can easily tell that Angela is a cum-warrior. Depending on her mood, she can be shy, or so shameless that you feel like jumping into your computer screen and magically appearing wherever she might be. And then spreading her legs and administering the most severe cunt fucking ever in the history of the world. When you're finally through and have poured enough cum in her to float a cargo ship or two, she'll finally recognize who the boss is. This seductive warrior comes equipped not with a bow or a gun but with a pretty face, brown hair and a very very soft, jiggly, natural and medium-sized pair of titties that look like they would melt like butter in the mouth. When she reveals them and starts playing with them, you should know that the cum is mere seconds away from spraying everywhere. Angela is plump, quite curvy and the possessor of a quite bountiful ass with a lot of cumming potential. She's the babe-next-door type and is not particularly adventurous on cam. Still, you get to look upon her nude bod and as well she can stick an xxx toy your tips can control up her warrior cunt.

The lovely young lady is 23-years old and speaks both English and Spanish. She drinks but doesn't smoke and is tattooed but not pierced. Her lush bod is average but voluptuous and the cum has a special liking for her. She sings and dances as a hobby and hopes to one day be a well known media personality.

Her tip menu is rather brief. But will still spill the cum with barely a hitch. Seeing her nude ass will cost you 50 tokens. And for 40 tokens she will display her boobs and hope the sight leads you to cum-heaven at once. For 60 tokens she will consent to spread her lovely knees and let you eye-fuck her cunt so hard it will weep cum in fear. Getting her in her birthday suit will cost you 130 tokens.

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