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Nasty Nessa's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Nasty Nessa
Birth Date:
June 10, 1901
Last Broadcast:
January 22, 05:40 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Nasty Nessa certainly has an attractive moniker. But that's not the only sweet thing this chunky MILF sports. Her most attractive feature and one that sends fans scrambling over each other and flocking to her page is an outstanding willingness to willfully, skillfully and cumfully ravage her body with huge sized and varied xxx toys. She has a very big ass that would fit on an elephant, huge pussy lips and medium-sized all-natural saggy boobs you could use to wrap fried fish in. But that doesn't do much to detract from her bedroom skills. She's the average MILF-next-door type with kids underfoot everywhere who relaxes by getting all nasty with strangers. On cam you can watch as she dildo-fucks both her ass and cunt and thrusts her immense ass into your face in a bid to get you to kiss her asshole.

She's currently 34-years old and speaks fluent English. Her body is rather average but very chubby and comes tattooed, but not pierced. She has her big ass to thank for getting her out of multiple spots of trouble and as well has a well deserved rep as something of a virago. She has no plans to quit anytime soon and intends to continue making the cum pour forth and multiply till she has been crowned the undisputed cum-queen of the world.

Her tip menu is rather basic, but certainly cheap and cum-fabulous. Spanks cost 6 tokens to administer to her wobbly ass. A cunt/ass spread that will make you able to identify every nerve ending, individual hair and muscle tissue will set you back 22 tokens. For 23 tokens you can see her titties. A cunt-fuck with an xxx toy is priced at 25 tokens. C2C is 26 tokens, while 100 tokens will make her slid the biggest dildo in her collection straight into her clit and use it to dig out all the cum that lie there awaiting her summons. 45 tokens is just enough to get you some ass-fingering. While access to her Kik account comes priced at 100 tokens.

Her page has 7 videos on offer. These feature such xxx acts as squirting, anal shows and creampies. Accessing them will however require varied amounts of tokens.