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Victoria/Vita's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
May 02, 1989
Somewhere I belong
Last Broadcast:
January 19, 06:30 (GMT)
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Victoria is a naughty and nasty lady with several remarkable attributes. The first are probably her rather plump pussy. These gape open like the jaws of a fish and can catch and bite in two the unwary penis or xxx toy. Lush and ripe as they are, eating and chewing them over is one cum-bursting delight that many have given up their inheritance to pursue. Her ass is flabby, big and round. Her boobs on the other hand come medium-sized, very natural and sag to nearly her navel. Still, they are full enough and will fill you up with enough juices to keep you grinning happily all week. She comes plump and is the girl-next-door type who gets invited to all the important parties in the neighborhood. There, she wastes no time in showing off her dick-licking skills and xxx toys eradicating pussy. On cam you can see her naked as the day she was born and sadistically attacking all manner of sex toys with her voracious cunt.

Victoria is 28-years old and and has a pretty average but still curvy hot bod. She smokes and drinks now and then. She comes pierced too and speaks English like a native. She is a friendly and ever polite xxx performer who worships the god of cum. Fresh from business school she decided that this was the life for her and has never looked back since or suffered a cum drought. Playful and adventurous as she is she enjoys making new friends.

Her tip menu is hot enough to send the blood pressure soaring. For starters, a PM will cost you 5 tokens. Spanks cost 10 tokens apiece and will send her juicy ass wobbling all over the place. 25, 50 and 75 tokens respectively will get you a flash of her boobs, ass and cunt. A toy BJ will set you back 75 tokens. And for 100 tokens she will pound her cunt to submission on a sex toy of her choice. You can also see her in her birthday suit for 100 tokens. C2C will set you back 30 tokens for 10 minutes. High rollers have the option to splash out 2222 tokens so as to get her phone number. As well, 300 tokens will get you access to her Kik account for life. Password shows come priced at 200 tokens for 15 minutes and 275 tokens for 20 minutes.

Her page currently has 5 photos and photo sets. These show her body parts and contain some nudes. Access to two of these are free. The rest have to be paid for.